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Colorado — the entire state — is in the midst of a widespread drought

Aug 10, 2020 -
Colorado is parched. Every part of the Centennial State is presently under drought or abnormally dry conditions for the first time in nearly a decade, according to the...

Can the Colorado River keep on running?

Aug 03, 2020 -
Maybe you’re brushing your teeth; perhaps you’re rinsing your dishes; you could be watering your plants. When you turn on your faucet in parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New...

Officials Warn Colorado River Levels Could Fluctuate To Meet Summer Energy Needs

Jul 29, 2020 -
Federal water managers are warning hikers and river...

Forecast is clear: We need to take proactive steps to conserve water

Jul 24, 2020 -
In past years, the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market has convened conservation leaders and business voices to share their creativity, passion and innovation for healthy rivers and outdoor activities. But...

State Attorneys General Sue Over Clean Water Act Changes

Jul 23, 2020 -
The Trump administration this month announced changes to the Clean Water Act that limit the ability of states and tribes to block energy or infrastructure projects on the grounds...

Rivers as Economic Engines: Investing in clean water, communities and our future

Jul 21, 2020 -
Investing in rivers creates jobs and strengthens the economy. A new report, “Rivers as Economic Engines: Investing in clean water, communities and our...

Water Wins from the 2020
Colorado Legislative Session

Jul 16, 2020 -
2020 has been a tumultuous year, and as we enter our fifth month of quarantine and social distancing, it can be encouraging to find things to celebrate....

Opinion: Racism is fueling disparities in access to safe water

Jul 16, 2020 -
As our nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, sky high unemployment and police brutality against Black people, America must recognize that these crises are interconnected and have devastating effects...

The Economic Contributions of Water-Related Outdoor Recreation in Colorado

Jul 16, 2020 -
Recreating on or along the water in Colorado is an integral part of the outdoor opportunities enjoyed by the state’s residents and visitors. Business for Water Stewardship commissioned a...

Bipartisan support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund deserves applause

Jul 15, 2020 -
Our country is home to some of the most magnificent natural treasures found anywhere in the world. From the Everglades in Florida to Glacier National Park in Montana to the...

We Are Rivers Podcast: We Can Make a Lot Happen When We Have a Plan

Jul 13, 2020 -
The latest American Rivers podcast highlights the importance of communication with a diversity of interests when it comes to each community’s unique Stream Management Planning process. Plans...

“Rivers as Economic Engines: Investing in clean water, communities and our future”

Jul 09, 2020 -
"Investing in rivers creates jobs and strengthens the economy. new report, “Rivers as Economic Engines: Investing in clean water, communities and...

In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’

Jul 08, 2020 -
Here at 12,000 feet on the Continental Divide, only vestiges of the winter snowpack remain, scattered white patches that have yet to melt and feed the upper Colorado River,...

Court Rules Dakota Access Pipeline Must Be Emptied For Now

Jul 07, 2020 -
A federal judge has ruled that the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline must be emptied for now while the Army Corps of Engineers produces an environmental review.

Sports Betting: A win for Colorado’s water

Jul 01, 2020 -
When Coloradans voted to legalize sports betting in November 2019, they made Colorado’s water the winner. Colorado places a 10% tax on casinos’ sports-betting profits, which will raise millions of...
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