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Water for Colorado Votes:
Investing in Local Water Projects

Oct 20, 2020 -
This year, we’ve seen raging wildfires harm our forests and waterways, increasingly severe droughts put our farms and ranches at risk, and decreasing water supplies threaten our...

Happy New Water Year, where’d all that Colorado River water go?

Oct 07, 2020 -
Shrouded in pandemic fog, I’m only now getting to my sorta annual “Happy New Water Year!” post, where I traditionally look on in alarm at dropping Colorado River Basin reservoir...

These hay fields may know something we don’t: how to save the Colorado River

Oct 07, 2020 -
Grand County rancher Paul Bruchez stands in a hay field near Kremmling, holding a small tuft of hay between his fingertips, twirling it back and forth, seeing how quickly...

Water for Colorado Votes
For Healthy Rivers and a Secure Water Future

Oct 06, 2020 -
Colorado’s rivers are the lifeblood of the West, contributing billions of dollars to the economy each year. Without healthy rivers and a secure water supply,...

‘We don’t give up really easy’: Navajo ranchers battle climate change

Oct 05, 2020 -
Two decades into a severe drought on the Navajo reservation, the open range around Maybelle Sloan’s sheep farm stretches out in a brown expanse of earth and sagebrush.

Opinion: Colorado leaders must innovate to rebuild Colorado better

Sep 30, 2020 -
The past several months have shaken our nation and state to the core. The combined crises of a global pandemic, economic recession, racist violence against people of color and...

Wildfires and the Health of Our Rivers

Sep 25, 2020 -
The impacts of climate change have been overlooked for decades, but now they are impossible to ignore. As Coloradans grapple with yet another severe wildfire season, elected...

Pine Gulch fire, largest wildfire in Colorado history, reaches 100% containment

Sep 24, 2020 -
The Pine Gulch fire reached 100% containment Wednesday, a spokesman with the Bureau of Land Management confirmed.

A healthy river equals a healthy economy

Sep 19, 2020 -
Why are rivers worth investing in right now? As our community, state, and country confront a multitude of challenges, you might ask yourself this question.

Feds issue red flag warning on lakes Powell and Mead

Sep 16, 2020 -
Risk of severe water shortages in the seven-state Colorado River Basin have risen dramatically since April with new forecasts indicating that lakes Powell and Mead could hit crisis levels...

Water speculators could face more obstacles based on work by new group

Sep 12, 2020 -
Some feel like it’s something straight out of a dystopian movie. Others say it’s already happening: out-of-state companies purchasing Colorado water rights as an investment for when water gets...

Cameron Peak Fire receives snow, but it’s unlikely to put it out

Sep 08, 2020 -
The Cameron Peak Fire has received about 5 inches of "heavy, wet snow," according to Tom Barter, planning operations section chief from an update posted on Facebook Tuesday night.

First round of Emergency Watershed Protection funds approved for water quality protections after fires

Sep 04, 2020 -
Only hours after a caravan of federal, state and local officials rolled through Glenwood Canyon Thursday to talk about the importance of funding post-fire watershed protections, the first check...

As San Luis Valley’s water squeeze intensifies, Gov. Jared Polis mulls climate warming adaptation

Aug 30, 2020 -
The sun beat down, baking Colorado’s bone-dry, cracking San Luis Valley, where farmers for eight years have been trying to save their depleted underground water but are falling behind.

Watch: Supporting Colorado’s River Restoration

Aug 25, 2020 -
Healthy watersheds support healthy rivers, and all of us—people, birds, and other wildlife—depend upon both every single day. Rivers are the lifeblood of human and wildlife communities in the...
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