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Congress passes bill on Navajo Nation water rights in Utah

Dec 29, 2020 -
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Congress has passed a long-awaited bill that would address water availability issues for residents living on the Navajo Nation in Utah who lack access...

If ancient drought choked the Southwest for centuries, what does the future hold?

Dec 28, 2020 -
The ancient people of western Utah’s Danger Cave lived well. They ate freshwater fish, ducks and other small game, according to detritus they left behind. They had...

Tinkering with a pollutant, Colorado ranch seeks to improve fish habitat

Dec 27, 2020 -
Proposal on the Blue River would grow food for undernourished fish using phosphorus, which can cause toxic algae blooms

Forest Service completes initial BAER assessments

Dec 24, 2020 -
Long-term recovery planning efforts underway.

How Funders Can Support Clean, Reliable Water for All

Dec 21, 2020 -
It’s time to redesign water systems in the United States to meet the needs of all people and communities — not just the privileged. Our present water system structure...

More must be done to protect Colorado River from drought, federal report says

Dec 18, 2020 -
A set of guidelines for managing the Colorado River helped several states through a dry spell, but it’s not enough to keep key reservoirs in the American West from...

Broad coalitions bring new hope for water funding

Dec 18, 2020 -
The ongoing drought and severe wildfires are the most recent reminders of the serious water challenges facing the state of Colorado.

Is Farming with Reclaimed Water the Solution to a Drier Future?

Dec 17, 2020 -
In drought-prone California, several farms are demonstrating the benefits of growing food with relatively abundant post-treatment water supplies.

Ski areas desperately need snow as drought intensifies in Summit County

Dec 14, 2020 -
Despite some snowfall in the past week, Colorado’s drought continues to wear on.

Opinion: Colorado’s intensifying drought conditions call for urgent collaboration

Dec 13, 2020 -
Without a doubt, 2020 has been hot and dry in Colorado. The entire state and its nearly 5.8 million residents are living in drought conditions as evidenced by the...

Colorado River District lays out framework for new taxpayer-funded grant program

Dec 10, 2020 -
Colorado River Water Conservation District officials have laid out a framework for how they will spend their new tax revenue with an emphasis on equity across water sectors and...

Colorado activates municipal drought response for second time ever as water forecast worsens

Dec 10, 2020 -
The state of Colorado has activated the municipal portion of its emergency drought plan for only the second time in history as several cities say they need to prepare...

Opinion: Protecting rivers is key to preparing Colorado for wildfires

Dec 09, 2020 -
Contrary to the common phrase, fire and water actually do mix – and there’s often a direct connection between the two.

Colorado Project named a priority area in USDA WaterSMART Initiative

Dec 07, 2020 -
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service has selected 31 priority areas to receive $13 million in Environmental Quality Incentives Program funding as part of the WaterSMART...

River district detailing review process for applications for new tax funding

Dec 04, 2020 -
The Colorado River District board in January expects to finalize a framework for considering applications for shares of the $4.2 million in annual funds it will be able to...
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