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In rapidly warming and drying Colorado River Basin, the negotiating table is being set

Mar 05, 2021 -
Anyone who has hosted a good dinner party knows that the guest list, table setting and topic of conversation play a big role in determining whether the night is a hit or the guests leave angry and unsatisfied.

Snow, Rain A Welcome Sight In Colorado But Drought Still A Big Problem

Mar 05, 2021 -
Colorado’s latest snowstorm was bringing moisture to the mountains and the Front Range, but nearly 99% of the state is still in a drought. Much of it is considered “extreme” and even more serious “exceptional” drought.

Big questions loom after inspection of Grizzly Creek Fire burn scar

Feb 28, 2021 -
The Grizzly Creek Fire covered 32,631 acres before it was officially deemed contained Dec. 18. It shut down Interstate 70 for two weeks after it ignited on Aug. 10. It threatened Glenwood Springs’ water supply and forced the closure of popular hiking trails and rafting put-ins.

The Climate Crisis May Threaten All That Depends on the Colorado River

Feb 25, 2021 -
Southern California farmers spend their winters watching the snowpack in the Colorado Rockies, and what they see is the climate crisis hitting hard.

Report: Estimates of future Upper Colorado River Basin water use confound previous planning

Feb 25, 2021 -
Some water experts fear that a long-held aspiration to develop more water in the Upper Colorado River Basin is creating another chance to let politics and not science lead the way on river management.

How Does a State Use 40 Percent Less Water?

Feb 24, 2021 -
Arizona, California, and Nevada will need to cut their use of Colorado River water by nearly 40 percent by 2050.

Colorado River study means it’s time to cut water use now, outside experts say

Feb 21, 2021 -
Less water for the Central Arizona Project — but not zero water. Even more competition between farms and cities for dwindling Colorado River supplies than there is now.

Recent snowstorms lower severity of drought in Southwest Colorado

Feb 18, 2021 -
This week, portions of Montezuma and La Plata counties dropped out of the worst drought category, thanks to recent snowstorms.

Snowpack improving with turn in weather

Feb 11, 2021 -
Colorado’s snowpack this winter continues to lag behind normal — much less the above-normal amount needed for the state to escape from a continuing drought — but it has improved thanks to recent storms, and more moisture is on the way.

Colorado’s Water Plan has made progress toward ensuring supply, but the work’s far from done

Feb 10, 2021 -
Five years in, accelerating climate change and rapid population growth, not to mention a shortage of funding, have made the Colorado Water Plan's vision for the future more complex.

Western wildfires, drought, coronavirus boost public fears about the state of public lands, new polls shows

Feb 05, 2021 -
The survey of people in Colorado and 7 western states reveals spiking concerns about climate change, strong support for action, and how communities of color take public lands issues personally

Colorado sports betting is popular enough to quickly benefit state water projects after all

Jan 26, 2021 -
Gov. Jared Polis’ administration thought sports wagering would get off to a slow start, limiting payments to Colorado’s Water...

One-third of US rivers have changed color in recent decades, research finds

Jan 22, 2021 -
Significance of changes are unclear and could reflect various ways in which humans are impacting the environment

San Luis Valley ranchers see dividends in saving water for fish. Are they on to something?

Jan 21, 2021 -
Some ranchers are paid to change when they draw water from San Luis Valley reservoirs. There are benefits for...

Upper Colorado River Drought Plan Triggered For First Time

Jan 20, 2021 -
Increasingly bleak forecasts for the Colorado River have for the first time put into action elements of the 2019 upper basin drought contingency plan.
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