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Lasting Colorado River solutions come from Main Street, not Wall Street

Jan 17, 2021 -
Sensational headlines, like those speculating that Wall Street will make billions off the Colorado River or that West Slope farmers should pack it in now, certainly attracts readers. Unfortunately,...

National eyes on Colorado River — but local reporters got there first

Jan 17, 2021 -
In recent weeks, various national and regional news outlets have taken a big interest in our little river. The New York Times, Politico, Arizona Republic and, last summer, the...

How does La Niña impact Colorado snowfall?

Jan 16, 2021 -
The world is currently experiencing a La Niña cycle, which means that water temperatures in the Central Pacific Ocean are lower than average for at least three months in...

Colorado snowpack trending wrong way to counter drought

Jan 15, 2021 -
In a winter when a normal amount of snowfall in Colorado won’t be enough to adequately counter the effects of ongoing drought, snowpack accumulations so far are heading in...

A “forever” drought takes shape in the West

Jan 14, 2021 -
The Southwest U.S. is mired in an ever-worsening drought, one that has left deer starving in Hawaii, turned 

2020 Was Earth’s 2nd-Hottest On Record And Colorado Felt It

Jan 14, 2021 -
It was more than the year of the pandemic; 2020 was also one of the planet’s hottest years ever recorded. It's a global trend driven largely by greenhouse gas...

Guest Commentary: To protect the Colorado River from drought and speculation, we need to collaborate

Jan 13, 2021 -
Colorado is headwaters to a hardworking river that provides for 40 million people. The importance of the Colorado River to the state and the nation cannot be overstated, and...

Drought-stricken Colorado River Basin could see additional 20% drop in water flow by 2050

Jan 12, 2021 -
The region is transitioning to a more arid climate, challenging longstanding practices of water-sharing in the basin.

Critical readings on Colorado River Basin

Jan 12, 2021 -
Its stretched water supply is 'a big deal' for 40 million people across 7 states, 20-plus tribes, and two Mexican states.

Impacts of Climate Change on Our Water and Energy Systems: It’s Complicated

Jan 11, 2021 -
A team of researchers from Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Barbara propose a framework for evaluating climate change adaptations, provide a case study of California

Can Wall Street profit off the Colorado River?

Jan 11, 2021 -
Water speculation is not a new concept in the West.

Colorado’s statewide drought “pretty dire.” It’ll take more than a season’s snowfall to get out of it.

Jan 08, 2021 -
Rehydrating would require at least 10 to 20 inches of good precipitation in the next 6 months, but this season's...

Climate change is hitting the Colorado River ‘incredibly fast and incredibly hard’

Jan 08, 2021 -
The warming climate is intensifying drought, contributing to fires and drying out the river's headwaters, sending consequences cascading downstream.

The Venturing Angler Podcast: Water and River Issues in the Colorado River Basin

Jan 07, 2021 -
Water and river issues in the Colorado River Basin threaten fish, fishing, animals, and people in Colorado and the West. Matt Rice of American Rivers breaks down some of...

Boiling Point: Climate change spells trouble for the Colorado River. But there’s still hope

Dec 31, 2020 -
One of the best road trips I’ve ever taken was a sightseeing tour of the Colorado River, where it straddles the California-Arizona state line.
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