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Celebrating Colorado River Day

In honor of Colorado River Day on July 25, Water for Colorado has assembled stories about the importance of the Colorado River from across the Basin. These short, unique tales highlight how the mighty Colorado powers all aspects of life in the West. Below you’ll see stories...

An interview with water expert John Fleck

This interview with John Fleck, a former water reporter and current Director of the Water Resources Program at the University of New Mexico first appeared on Vox.com. The interview focuses on Fleck’s new book  Water Is for Fighting Over which covers the water crisis in the...

New Coordination of Water Conservation Efforts in the Colorado River Basin

Announcement Responds to Calls from Conservation Leaders, Gov. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet for Greater Coordination Between Federal Grant Programs to Protect Communities and Critical Water Resources  Denver, CO – National conservation and sportsmen groups hailed the Obama...

Why Kristin Green Loves Colorado’s Rivers

Conservation Colorado’s Kristin Green shares her first experience with Colorado’s rivers, how that led to where she is today, and why she believes conservation should be the central focus of Colorado’s Water Plan.

New Poll: Coloradans Support Protecting Our Rivers

A new Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conservation in the West Poll released today revealed strong public support for efforts to protect and maintain national public lands. The poll surveyed the views of voters in seven Mountain West states, including Colorado, on...

Denver Businesses Unite On Water Conservation Issues

Denver businesses are doing their part to promote water conservation and river protection as part of Colorado’s Water Plan. “My fellow CEOs and I wanted to learn but we also had a message to send,” said Dave Bacon, founder/CEO of BWBacon. “In planning Colorado’s water...

Colorado Water Plan Timeline: Next Up? Second Draft of the Plan

What’s up next for the Colorado Water Plan? The second draft, which is due to be released on July 15, 2015.

The Business of Water in Colorado, West

Water solutions aren’t partisan, just ask Senator Reid, Senator Heller and businesses.

Water Poll: Colorado Neighbors Concerned About Water Conservation

It’s not just us here in Colorado, water levels effect our neighbors as well: 89 percent of Arizonans are concerned with low levels of water in rivers according to recent water poll. Post by Water For Colorado. Find out more HERE.
Kids Having Fun on a Colorado River

Flowing Rivers, Flowing Taps

Using less water and using water efficiently makes sense, and to get that message across, we’re using the universal common denominator of Coloradans: BEER (which is over 90% water). Join in the fun, and let’s create some thunder. In Colorado, water and beer go hand in hand. Even...