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Water Poll: Colorado Water Worries Match Economic Concerns

Colorado voters say clean air and water, a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and access to public lands are the top reasons residents choose to live in the Centennial State, according to the new Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conservation in the West water poll released...
River Beside Bike Trail in Colorado

Colorado Water Plan 2015 Timeline

The first draft of Colorado’s Water Plan was presented to Governor John Hickenlooper on December 10, 2014. Additional work will continue in coordination with the Governor’s Office throughout 2015. Check out the timeline.

Denver Post Letter: Colorado Water Plan Needs Conservation

Re: “Final Colorado water plan will need specifics,” Dec. 12 editorial. I applaud The Denver Post for pointing to the need for more details to be incorporated into Colorado’s Water Plan as it continues to be shaped through 2015. Specifically, that the “action agenda” should place...

Colorado Water Plan Dec. 10 Press Conference

A draft of the Colorado Water Plan by the Colorado Water Conservation Board is handed over to Gov. John Hickenlooper by CWCB’s boss James Eklund at a Dec. 10 press conference.
Kids Having Fun on a Colorado River

Flowing Rivers, Flowing Taps

Using less water and using water efficiently makes sense, and to get that message across, we’re using the universal common denominator of Coloradans: BEER (which is over 90% water). Join in the fun, and let’s create some thunder. In Colorado, water and beer go hand in hand. Even...

Water Poll: Colorado Voters Want Healthy Streams and Rivers

Coloradans’ top goals? Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl (509!!) and statewide water conservation. More poll results here: 2015 Poll Results

Last Day: Get Your Comments to the Colorado Water Board

One person can make a difference. Get your comments to the Colorado Water Conservation Board today on the state water plan. Be proactive about maintaining what keeps Colorado great. Post by Water For Colorado.

Conservation Countdown: 5 Days Left to Get Comments to Colorado Water Board

5 Days Left! And here are 5 rafters having an epic time on one of our amazing rivers. Post by Water For Colorado.

Only Bold Action Will Save the Colorado River

Bart Miller, Water Program Director for Western Resource Advocates and Matt Rice, Director of the Colorado River Basin Program for American Rivers,  offered some common sense solutions to help overcome the supply and demand imbalance of the river in a guest commentary feature...

The Key To Solving Colorado’s Water Woes

From urban residents to business owners to farmers, we all have a role to play in using our water resources more efficiently. When it comes to water, we all need to live within our means. Greater cooperation, innovative technologies and best practices will help Colorado build...