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Water Poll: Colorado Neighbors Concerned About Water Conservation

It’s not just us here in Colorado, water levels effect our neighbors as well: 89 percent of Arizonans are concerned with low levels of water in rivers according to recent water poll. Post by Water For Colorado. Find out more HERE.

Water Poll: Clean Air and Water Key Factors For Western Residents

Clean air and water are top factors for living in Colorado and Western states: Post by Water For Colorado. Find out more HERE.
River Beside Bike Trail in Colorado

Colorado Water Plan 2015 Timeline

The first draft of Colorado’s Water Plan was presented to Governor John Hickenlooper on December 10, 2014. Additional work will continue in coordination with the Governor’s Office throughout 2015. Check out the timeline.

Durango Herald: Water Issues in the Legislature

From the Durango Herald: While water won’t be the centerpiece issue of the Legislature this year, several lawmakers already are taking a look. Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose, is taking another stab at curbing phreatophytes, a deep-rooted plant that takes in significant amounts of...

Denver Post Letter: Colorado Water Plan Needs Conservation

Re: “Final Colorado water plan will need specifics,” Dec. 12 editorial. I applaud The Denver Post for pointing to the need for more details to be incorporated into Colorado’s Water Plan as it continues to be shaped through 2015. Specifically, that the “action agenda” should place...

Colorado Water Plan Highlights State’s Connected Nature

The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted to The Denver Post about the state water plan: Re: “Colorado girds for proliferating people and increasingly scarce water,” Nov. 9 news story. As a county commissioner representing one of the state’s headwaters areas, I would like...

Infographic: Colorado Water Use

From the Audubon Rockies: Colorado’s water resources are facing two major threats: population growth and drought. The state’s population is expected to double by 2050. New development on the Front Range will bring increasing demand for water from the Western Slope,...

New Water Poll: Colorado Supports Water Conservation, Not New Diversions

A new water poll released this week from a bi-partisan polling team shows key findings on Colorado voters’ attitudes on water issues. Guess what? Coloradans of all political stripes, from all walks of life and from all corners of the state believe our rivers are at risk and...

Last Day: Get Your Comments to the Colorado Water Board

One person can make a difference. Get your comments to the Colorado Water Conservation Board today on the state water plan. Be proactive about maintaining what keeps Colorado great. Post by Water For Colorado.

Support Colorado’s 11 World Class Fishing Rivers!

Eleven days left: Get your Colorado’s Water Plan comments to the Water Board by the Oct. 10 deadline. Support healthy rivers and our Colorado lifestyle: #cowater #fishing Post by Water For Colorado.