Get Involved!

Your Voice Matters for Colorado's Rivers!

As leaders across the state in nine "Basin Roundtables" work to update their local water and river management plans, or "Basin Implementation Plans (BIPs)", they're taking public comment from community members. It’s time to make your voice heard: What do you think needs to happen in your local watershed for the health of your local rivers, the environment, and water supply? Add your ideas for your local plan to the right — Water for Colorado will send them to your Basin Roundtables on your behalf.

Water for Colorado has Compiled Six Key Recommendations You Can Use in Your Comments:

  • Ensure healthy, flowing rivers
  • Prioritise resilient watersheds
  • Center equity
  • Support for irrigated agriculture
  • Include water conservation and efficiency
  • Plan for sustainable Funding

What River Basin Do You Live In?

Courtesy of Southwick Associates and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources

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