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Updated: Colorado Water Plan Timeline

The latest comment period for the Colorado Water Plan is over, but there are several more chances to have your voice heard as Gov. Hickenlooper and the Colorado Water Conservation Board finalize the plan.
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Colorado Water Plan Conservation Essentials

A Colorado Water Plan is being drafted that will provide a secure water future for our state only if it makes conservation its cornerstone. This plan is crucial for protecting the future of our rivers — and the wildlife, communities, agriculture and businesses that depend...

Colorado Water Poll: Scarce Water Important As Economic Issues

New Poll shows scarce water concerns are just as important as economic concerns in West. Post by Water For Colorado. Find out more HERE.

Durango Herald: Water Issues in the Legislature

From the Durango Herald: While water won’t be the centerpiece issue of the Legislature this year, several lawmakers already are taking a look. Rep. Don Coram, R-Montrose, is taking another stab at curbing phreatophytes, a deep-rooted plant that takes in significant amounts of...

Denver Post Letter: Colorado Water Plan Needs Conservation

Re: “Final Colorado water plan will need specifics,” Dec. 12 editorial. I applaud The Denver Post for pointing to the need for more details to be incorporated into Colorado’s Water Plan as it continues to be shaped through 2015. Specifically, that the “action agenda” should place...

Colorado Water Plan Dec. 10 Press Conference

A draft of the Colorado Water Plan by the Colorado Water Conservation Board is handed over to Gov. John Hickenlooper by CWCB’s boss James Eklund at a Dec. 10 press conference.
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Report: Front Range, West Slope Miles Apart on Colorado’s Water Future

Boulder Weekly writer Bob Berwyn examines the history behind the Colorado Water Plan, and talks to Colorado River and water conservation advocates in his latest article. Here’s a peek: “When Colorado’s earth cracked open in the great drought of 2002, it may have also...